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IAG slumps to biggest loss in its history

The airline's full year operating loss after exceptional items was €7.4bn, its deepest loss since formation ten years ago. Engineer IMI posted a rise in annual profits as margin improvement countered sliding sales. Full-year results from the wealth manager showed assets under management grew 37 per cent to £58.7bn, with underlying profit up 10 per cent to £179m.

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Yuval Noah Harari: The Covid year

But some kind of independent global health authority would be the ideal platform for compiling medical data, monitoring potential hazards, raising alarms and directing research and development. While there have been many instances of collaboration and generosity, no serious attempt was made to pool all the available resources, streamline global production and ensure equitable distribution of supplies. How can we summarise the Covid year from a broad historical perspective?

Rising interest rates cool sizzling rally in emerging markets

The rush into emerging market assets since the depths of the coronavirus crisis a year ago is facing its first serious test as rising US interest rates revive memories of the "taper tantrum" of 2013.Emerging market stocks sailed almost 90 per cent higher in US dollar terms from the nadir in March to a historic peak last week, according to MSCI's broad index of equities in 27 countries. But a sharp drop in developed-market government bond prices since the start of 2021 has sent borrowing costs sharply higher, and started to ripple into emerging markets. Before the pandemic, several factors were weighing against emerging markets: protectionism in the US and elsewhere, rising tensions between the US and China, the uncertainty over Brexit — all of which have been resolved, to a greater or lesser extent.

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