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Climate change: ‘the Paris goals are within reach’

The countries that signed the Paris accord have all committed, in theory, to submit new climate targets to the UN by the end of this year. That 2.1C forecast is also the lowest ever produced by the non-profit groups, which have been tracking climate pledges and temperature projections since 2009. She points to a recent UNEP report, which outlines how — despite the lower emissions due to the disruptions from coronavirus — climate pledges are still not quite on track, particularly over the next decade.

The merits of a global carbon offset market

Environmentalists have often scoffed at carbon offset schemes. Polluters can purchase "carbon credits" to mitigate the effects of their activities. Countries committed to establishing a mechanism for exchanging carbon credits under the 2015 Paris climate accord but there has been no agreement on the rules to implement this.

A fickle America cannot lead the world

When US fickleness recurs in trade, global health and other realms, you can see how countries might come to make their own arrangements or, in time, to throw in their lot with a more predictable superpower. Had postwar Europeans feared that Republican presidents were less likely than Democratic ones to honour Article 5 of Nato, which provides for collective defence, the system would have crumbled at pace, whatever the raw tonnage of US armaments. In a career of intellectual inconstancy — on crime, on welfare — the nearest thing that Mr Biden has to an idee fixe is his commitment to an outward-facing US.

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  • Donald Trump


    Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American media personality, businessman, and politician who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Born and raised in Queens, ...

    Climate change: ‘the Paris goals are within reach’

    President Donald Trump announced in 2017 that he was withdrawing from the deal, and negative sentiments have also been expressed by Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president, and Australia's prime minister Scott Morrison — though neither country has pulled out.

  • John Kerry



    Climate change: ‘the Paris goals are within reach’

    Attaining the goals of the Paris agreement is "do-able, but only if we treat it like the urgent crisis it is, the war that it is", John Kerry, the former US secretary of state and recently appointed special envoy on climate for the incoming Biden administration, said in a 2019 speech.


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