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Rising interest rates cool sizzling rally in emerging markets

The rush into emerging market assets since the depths of the coronavirus crisis a year ago is facing its first serious test as rising US interest rates revive memories of the "taper tantrum" of 2013.Emerging market stocks sailed almost 90 per cent higher in US dollar terms from the nadir in March to a historic peak last week, according to MSCI's broad index of equities in 27 countries. But a sharp drop in developed-market government bond prices since the start of 2021 has sent borrowing costs sharply higher, and started to ripple into emerging markets. Before the pandemic, several factors were weighing against emerging markets: protectionism in the US and elsewhere, rising tensions between the US and China, the uncertainty over Brexit — all of which have been resolved, to a greater or lesser extent.

Soho House wants your money, not your company

Instead, it will rely on trades in private markets to help set its price. In 2015 the company tried and failed to tap the high-yield bond market for £200m. Well, recently filed accounts don't paint a pretty picture: they reveal that the company stopped making interest payments on its loan in cash last year, instead choosing to use a "payment in kind" option.

Are US stocks too pricey for UK investors?

Over the long term, the currency where a company makes its profits should determine its value and the exchange where the shares are quoted should matter little. Large companies sell in all the world's currencies — whether their shares are quoted in sterling or US dollars does not change the underlying earnings. Before taking money out of the US, investors should bear in mind that these headline figures are distorted by a market that contains large technology stocks on very high earnings multiples.

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    Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Tesla's current products include electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid scale, sol ...

    Rising interest rates cool sizzling rally in emerging markets

    Over the past 12 months, shares in electric vehicle maker Tesla are up 350 per cent in New York.

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